Genre Fiction
Director AA.VV.
Screenwriter E.Maso, M.Fabbro, A.Fabro
Production company Red On Productions

Friuli, August 1969.
In the darkness of a valley, lights from the windows of a tavern.
Some customers discuss at the counter. Mario, 50, is a hunter and says the moon landing will not bring anything good. Two other men, Pietro and Silvano, both 40, work as herdsmen and look unfavourably on that too: what will the Soviets contrive now?
It’s easy for the Americans: they are not to live half an hour from the Iron Curtain. Silvano says some of his cows look nervous.
The landlord shakes his head behind the counter and pours drinks.
Suddenly, a roar shakes the valley. The windows tremble and some glasses fall off the shelves. Outside a lightning lights up the darkness…

Supported for the Development and the Distribution



Regia/Director: AA.VV.
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: E.Maso, M.Fabbro, A.Fabro
Produzione/Production company: Red On Productions
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