In fondo al bosco


Genre Fiction
Director Roberto Dordit
Screenwriter Roberto Dordit
Production company Arch Production

Who is the scared man hiding by night in the forest? What is that shadow moving in the snow, ready to attack him? And yet in the beginning everything seemed so easy. There was the real estate agent Riccardo engaged by a bank and company syndicate, who had come up to the valley and convinced the inhabitants of an alpine valley of going elsewhere. It was necessary to make room for a great tourist plant and ski resorts to be opened in a forest still virgin at the feet of the Dolomites. And everyone had gone, being convinced of the development occasions which the project guaranteed them too. All but two: a young couple living up there with a little sledge dog school. What was a project of economic development and great personal business for Riccardo, meant for the couple destroying those mountains and losing their identity. Everything divided them and the tension grew day by day. Immersed in the magic scene of the Dolomites, they have long been overwhelmed by the nightmare of possessing those grounds. A primitive aggressiveness had awoken in the deep forest, and the adversaries did not succeed anymore in disguising the ferocity hidden inside of them.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: Roberto Dordit
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Roberto Dordit
Fotografia/DOP: Tommaso Borgstrom
Musica originale/Music: Paolo Buonvino
Produzione/Production company: Arch production -

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