Il resto è dentro


Italy / Colour

Genre Fiction
Director Andrea Magnani
Andrea Magnani
Production company
Pilgrim Film

Giacinto is different from the other children. He was born in jail, from convicted parents. He lives there with his mother Lucia, till the age of three, because that is the law. Afterwards, Giacinto’s life changes forever: his life outside, between adopting parents and halfway houses, is a world he detects as hostile, incomprehensible. Growing up he understands he has nothing to do with the other boys and girls, and when his mother dies, he finds him self alone. He starts then running. He runs through the towns streets, in the countryside. He runs to the prison to visit his father, still in jail. It is when also his father vanishes from his life, that Giocinto decides to go back to the only place he knows, where he does not feel out of place: prison. He goes back as a penitentiary police man. But his naive vision of prison starts slowly to change (thanks also to an odd group of detainees) giving room to a sad truth: in there, no one is free; not even the police agents, that like him, live in there. Giacinto then does the only thing he knows how to do: he runs. He takes the detainees on a semi-marathon, out of the circuit, but not to escape, no, he does it to follow that horizon that we should all have inside of us. The long Run, is Giacinto’s run to freedom.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


Regia/Director: Andrea Magnan
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Andrea Magnani
Produzione/Production company: Pilgrim Film -

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