Viaggio in Armenia


Genre Documentary
Director A. Rossini
Screenwriters  Bisatti, Pasetti, Ovadia, Rastello
Production company Kineofilm

Journey to Armenia focuses on the trip to Armenia made in 1920 by the Russian poet Osip Emilevic Mandel’stam executed by the Stalinist government in 1938. The idea is to give back to Osip poetical word its original function of pre-eminent, public, actual and living voice involving that area in which boundaries are not only geographic but most of all mental. The project is deeply felt in Armenia such as in Italy, where cities like Trieste and Venice represent important historical points of reference. In November 1933 the poet writes against Stalin named as “the mountain guy of Kremlin” and he denounces the serious famine caused by the forced collectivization and so he got attacked in the “Pravda”. In 1934 because of anti-Stalinist works he is pushed to exile for three years in Cerdyn (Ural region) more than one thousand miles away from Moscow. There he got badly sick and tried to suicide while admitted in a hospital. Thanks to Bucharin its punishment is converted into house arrest. The poet decides to go to Voronež in the South of Russia, where he lived together with his wife from 1935 till 1937. Here he works to “Voronež books”. When he finally went back to Moscow they don’t let him obtain the residential permission so he tried to settle in Leningrad. His health got wrost. In 1938 he is condemned to 5 years of deportation for “anti-revolution activities”. Prisoner in a Vladivostok lager he died, officially, in Dicember the 27th. His memories were saved thanks to his wife Nadežda who had memorized lots of his poetical works.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: A.Rossini
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Bisatti, Pasetti, Ovadia, Rastello
Produzione/Production company: Kineofilm -

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