FIRST CUT+ Masterclasses

Take part to the winter session of the FIRST CUT+ Masterclasses taking place on Jan 22-25 and organized in partnership between WEMWREACT and FIRST CUT+, a new program created for boosting the competitiveness and marketability of feature films from Central & Eastern Europe!

For the first time REACT producers, distributors and exhibitors will have the great opportunity to join the eight FC+ selected teams and attend a series of inspirational sessions led by FC+ international experts.

You are welcome to subscribe to up to four of the following lectures and we will be able to grant your participation in at least two of your choices.

Check out here below the complete program of the FC+ Masterclasses and book your seat HERE!

To ensure your attendance please sign up no later than Wednesday Jan 20 so that we can make sure you will get the direct links to your sessions on time.

Thanks to the partnership with REACT there is no participation fee.



>> Cooperating with a Sales Agent – What to know & to expect

By Ioanna Stais

FRIDAY 22nd JAN 2021 FROM 14:30 TO 15:30 CET

How to cooperate with a sales agent? What to know and what to expect (legally, in terms of contracts, revenues, etc.) in order to create a successful partnership? What are the market trends? Which are the OTT platforms that buy arthouse films? What are the different deals with them? Ioanna Stais will share advice and concrete examples based on her experience as Head of International sales at Athens based company Heretic Outreach.

>> Designing a Festival Strategy

By Ilaria Gomarasca

FRIDAY 22nd JAN 2021 FROM 15:45 TO 16:45 CET

Former Festivals Manager at Paris based sales agent Pyramide International, Ilaria Gomarasca will go through the main points for designing a successful international festival strategy. The festival career of a film it’s an opportunity for the whole film’s production team to reach a new consciousness of the international market and also to step into it in a good way. Every festival has its peculiarities and its outstanding editorial line, therefore the choice of the right festivals’ journey will be part of the film’s success. 

>> Engaging with the Audience –Digital Marketing & Social Medias

By Alexis Hamaide

SATURDAY 23rdrd JAN 2021 FROM 10:00 TO 11:00 CET

Alexis Hamaide is a marketing specialist who previously worked as Marketing Manager for the Paris-based international sales agency Playtime (ex-Films Distribution) and recently teamed up with Viviana Andriani and Gabriele De Bortoli to set up L’Avventura Studio, a digital creative agency specialized in arthouse films. During his masterclass Alexis will focus on different digital marketing strategies, using concrete case studies and examples on the use of social media, with tips & advice on latest trends.

>>Defining the Trailer Dramaturgy

By Boris Pugnet

MONDAY 25th JAN 2021 FROM 10:00 TO 11:00 CET

This lecture will consist of case studies about writing the “scenario” of the trailer – in other words defining its dramaturgy. A trailer also needs a solid script, with a beginning, middle, and end, and films’ professionals should come to a common understanding of it. Boris Pugnet, former Head of Marketing at Paris based distribution company Le Pacte,  works as marketing consultant and trailer editor with his company Tiramisù for both independent and major companies, such as Art-House, Condor, Rouge Distribution, Fox, Pathé etc.

 >> PR strategy and Drafting the Press Kit 

By Laurin Dietrich & Michael Arnon

MONDAY 25th JAN 2021 FROM 11:15 TO 12:15

How to position your film in relationship with the international press? How do you want or should communicate about your film? What are the key texts that compose a successful press kit? Publicist experts Laurin Dietrich & Michael Arnon, from Berlin basedcompany WOLF Consultants, will go through concrete examples on how to prepare films for their launch at major international film festivals.

>> APPLES by Christos Nikou – The journey of a Greek debut film from Venice to Oscar race

MONDAY 25th JAN 2021 FROM 15:00 TO 16:30 CET

Virginie Devesa, CEO of the French international sales company Alpha Violet, along with coproducers Mariusz Włodarski (Lava Films), Ales Pavlin (Perfo Production) and director Christos Nikou, will share their recent experience on working together on the outstanding debut feature APPLES, which was successfully launched in the international market during 2020 Venice Film Festival and is currently running for Oscar race as Greek film entry.

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