DocCelerator Fall 2021 Season

Paradiddle Pictures is now announcing the DocCelerator Fall 2021 Season. DocCelerator is the online workshop series providing a method for a more focused story universe and a clearer dramaturgical structure for documentary projects in development or production. 
For the Fall 2021 season of DocCelerator, there are three different formats of the workshop available. Documentary makers can pick the one that fits best to their current needs. During a DocCelerator workshop participants get detailed feedback on projects and learn a set of tools for structuring documentary stories, that can used for current projects as well as for future projects.

The dates for the Fall are:

  • DocCeleratorStory Dates: August 30-31. Deadline: August 2
  • DocCeleratorPitch Dates: September 27-29. Deadline: September 1
  • DocCeleratorRoughCut Dates: October 27-28. Deadline: September 30
  • DocCeleratorStory Dates: November 9-10. Deadline: October 12

About DocCelerator
DocCelerator is an online documentary development program providing documentary makers with a more focused story universe and a clearer dramaturgical structure for a project in development. Besides generating creative input, DocCelerator workshops save selected participants many hours of working and much money in production expenses. This is achieved through a more focused narrative structure, which saves hours of recordings not fitting to the film and many days of expensive editing. The essence of DocCelerator is to invest in the development in order to save on the production.

This Fall 2021 season of DocCelerator follows the 13 editions of DocCelerator already conducted in the first year of the workshop program. DocCelerator was launched by Paradiddle Pictures in May 2020. 

Here you can read more about the DocCelerator Fall Season:

Info is also available on the Paradiddle Pictures FB page:

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