Registered office: Via Fiore dei Liberi, 90 – PREMARIACCO (UD)

FILM SRL is a full-service Film Production Company in Friuli. Our team have worked in leading positions on big international films like Bad Lieutenant by Werner Herzog, Queen of the Desert,  Rescue Dawn, Angelique and Future World by James Franco. We bring our world wide experience and boil it together with the pitoresque and historic potential of the location Friuli Venezia Giulia. Our range of work reaches from complete production service to partial specialisation. With our network we offer a crew of specialists for any part of the film production. We offer acting coaching, Visual Effects, conforming and grading to final mastering for Cinema, Television and Web. We have been collaborating with companies like WarnerBrothers, MGM, ARRI Munich etc. Our experience has been used by all German and Austrian Networks (ARD, ZDF, ORF, Arte, SAT etc.)

Supported projects
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