100 anni dopo


Italy / 30’ / Colour / 2013

Genre Documentary
Director Alessio Bozzer
Screenwriter G.Penco
Production company Videoest
Website videoest.it

Places carry stories, and their temporal succession is often unexpected.
The Karst of Trieste and Gorizia in 1800 was a place of pastoralism with a little of agriculture. Its paths were marked by the transhumance of sheeps and goats, the property was marked by low stone walls. Then, in 1914, these places became the scene of one of the bloodiest pages of the First World War. The animals disappeared, stone walls disappeared, strips of concrete fortifications took their places.
One hundred years after the trees have grown back, and reappeared sheep, which pasture inside those that have been trenches. We are back to a starting point, the future of this region lies in the return to the land. The film wants to collect the echoes of the voices of the war, through archive images and reading the diaries of those who fought here, facing his death, and the story of the daily life of those who live here today, and entrusted to this territory its future. Pastoralism has spread recently, and the shepherds are young, they have made this choice of life without giving up the use of technologies that characterize their generation, so it may be common to find a shepherd who studies and records the paths of his animals with a tablet, or with the same instrument on Facebook tells his everyday life.

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Regia/Director: Alessio Bozzer
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Giampaolo Penco
Fotografia/DOP: Paolo Babici
Montaggio/Editor: Zarko Suk
Suono/Sound: Zarko Suk
Produzione/Production company: Videoest
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