Slovenia, Italy, Egypth / 94’ / Colour / 2011

Genre Documentary
Director Metod Pevec
Screenwriter Metod Pevec
Production company Transmedia

The story focuses on a painful, almost exclusively female emigration. Due to poverty and fascist assimilation policy many people, especially youth, left the Vipava valley (west part of Slovenia) before World War II. Men emigrated to Argentina never to return, while women and girls would go to Egypt, mostly to what was then a rich and cosmopolitan Alexandria, where they remained for as long as several decades as wet nurses, nannies and housewives. Many of them returned too late to enjoy their own children and their homes – meant literally, since it was usually their money that paid for their houses. “The phenomenon of Alexandrian female immigrants makes us realize the change it brought – a woman was no longer just a woman, her place in the patriarchal context changed drastically…Her role extends to completely new dimensions that had formerly been attributed to men exclusively… In this context, a woman becomes a revolutionary, outgrowing the old patriarchal model to which she had been confined for so long.” (M. Pevec)

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: Metod Pevec
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Metod Pevec
Fotografia/DOP: Mišo Cadež
Montaggio/Editor: Janez Bricelj
Musica originale/Music: Aldo Kumar
Suono/Sound: Igor Laloš
Produzione/Production company: Transmedia -

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