Anime nel ferro


Genre Short movie
Director G.Gloria
Production Company A_Lab

Anime nel ferro is a trip inside and outside the prison of Trieste. The short give the possibility to observe prisoners throw the metal bars during the courses organized to give them a new tools to work outside. Fabrizio, now is free, inside the prison he attended audiovisual course, he felt to find his way. Re-conquered the freedom he use that training as work and passion. He has a new life. Public institutions, teachers, was visionary models to invest in audiovisual field, unconventional for that world and the results paid.
Anime nel ferro is an intimate journey, between feelings, wishes and cumbersome past. The storytelling run away from darkness tone still to the light, metaphor of the character’s live.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: G.Gloria
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: /
Fotografia/DOP: P. Battigelli
Montaggio/Editor: G. Pedrazzi
Suono/Sound: E.Amodeo
Produzione/Production company: A_Lab -

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