Avere 20 anni a Sarajevo

Genre Documentary
Director Giampaolo Penco, Alessio Bozzer
Screenwriter Giampaolo Penco, Alessio Bozzer
Production company Videoest
Website videoest.it

It’s the story of a war, a series of atrocities and massacres that took place 20 years ago, told by those who were born in those days. Today these guys are young people who have to rebuild the country, living with the nightmare that the past returns equal to itself. The documentary BORN IN SARAJEVO is closely linked to the history of Videoest. The idea of the script is born from the huge archive of shootings that left Miran Hrovatin, the historical operator and founder of Videoest, killed in Mogadiso in March 1994. Miran Hrovatin, together with his friend operator Niki Filipovic, followed the war in Ex-Yugoslavia, from 1992 until early March 1994 Miran has worked more than 300 days following the conflict. Much of the material that he shot in those years is totally new and never used on television. It seems very interesting from these images of 20 years ago to research the legacy of this war, to find the children of the conflict and tell their stories. The reportage/documentary is open to tell the enormous efforts that a generation must do to manage the memory of massacres, wars, injustices  which was not even a spectator, but finds himself having to redeem it, because it’s his legacy. It was the war of their parents, their grandparents. They are the “first generation after.” The entire film is a collage of the routines of the lives of these boys and girls in 2014, which will interlace the tales of how they grew up, the tragic stories of their first years of life. The narrative voices are those who have seen them grow (parents, teachers, friends …).

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