Babel blu


Genre Documentary
Director Renato Rinaldi
Screenwriter Renato Rinaldi
Production company Nefertiti Film

Friuli, deep North. Land of hard work and stormy weather. It’s part of Italy even though about 600,000 people speak a different language and some of them fly a different flag. ‘A Nation without a State’: an opinion shared by many in this region, that is why Patriarch Bertram of St Genesius’s flag has been chosen as the Nation’s symbol. For a community struggling to hold on to its identity a flag that has remained unchanged over the centuries seems to be the only element able to counteract the corrosion of diversity. The film is a poetic vision of such protective endeavor, following the stories of people, who in their daily lives stage their own resistance against the unavoidable: homogenization. Sometime it is a solitary fight that affects deeply the humanity of the people involved, loading up the struggle with universality, therefore transcending the limits of a community. Love, dignity, solitude, neurosis, self-rule, that is what these people talk about, and they do it in a contradictory as well as fascinating way, in the shadow of a flag. This isn’t an apology of localism, it’s just a way to listen to a peripheral voice, too often ignored, in the attempt to understand where these drifts and tensions are taking us in a European context where the fascination for small homelands is coming to surface more and more.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: Renato Rinaldi
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Renato Rinaldi, Andrea Collavino
Fotografia/DOP: Alberto Fasulo
Produzione/Production company: Nefertiti Film -

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