Babylon sisters


Genre Fiction
Director L.Roccati
Screenwriters AA.VV.
Production company Tico Film

Kamla recently moved with her parents into a deteriorated flat complex in the suburbs of Trieste, where also other immigrant families and one old and grumpy professor live. One day, they all receive an eviction notice; determined to keep living in their flats, the men of the families react with rage to the threats received by the illegal landlord; while the women unite together in order to save their destiny. In the meantime, Kamla and the professor become friends against her father’s will, while her mother Shanti reveals her dancing talent. With the help of an Italian friend, a dance school is inaugurated. All the neighborhood is talking about the ‘Babylon Sisters’.

Supported for the Distribution


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Regia/Director: L.Roccati
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: AA.VV.
Fotografia/DOP: F.Di Bianco
Produzione/Production company: Tico Film Company -

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