Ballando con Cecilia


Genre Fiction
Director R.Minini Merot
Screenwriter R.Minini Merot, F.Vicentini Orgnani
Production Company Myro Communications

A play is being performed on the theatre stage.
We see a young woman, standing against a wall, naked, tied with straps and hit by buckets of frozen water in overcrossing streams. Three nurses, three horrible woman with faces deformed in disgust are insulting her, humiliating her while inflicting the violent treatment. A mature man enters the scene and, while the actresses’ movements become almost stylized, he starts talking, telling his story. It’s a true story, inspired by the autobiographical novel by Pino Roverendo who had the curious destiny to be interned in an asylum at the beginning of the 70s, at the age of seventeen … and then, in the 90s, he will return in that same place, now no longer an asylum, as a social worker.
Pino was among those fortunate who didn’t suffer a lifetime sentence. With the reformation brought by “democratic psychiatry” and the profound transformations of the Basaglia law, he was able to
gradually resume a normal life.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: R.Minini Merot
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: R.Minini Merot, F. Vicentini Orgnani
Fotografia/DOP: E.M.Brocchetta
Musiche originali/Music: P.Fresu
Produzione/Production company: Myro Communications -

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