Blue jeans e gonne corte


Italy / 52’ / Colour / HDcam / 2009

Genre Documentary
Director Renzo Carbonera
Screenwriter Renzo Carbonera
Production company Sd Cinematografica

At the end of World War II, Trieste (a town in Northern Italy which was not really involved during the conflict) suddenly becomes the centre of big strategic interests. Disputed by Italy and Yugoslavia, between West and Communist bloc, it is administrated by Americans and English for 9 years. That particular period is well-known for the cigarettes “Philip Morris”, the first blue jeans (never seen before in Europe), neon sights, nylon stockings, mini-skirts, Martini and Boogie-Woogie nights, and the first Hollywood movies. The American soldier Jim Herring and his Triestine wife Claudia tell us the stories of those unbelievable years through unpublished images and the re-enactment of particular scenes. Trieste appeared to be an happy island, but instead it was a gun powder keg and nest of spies.

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Regia/Director: Renzo Carbonera
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Renzo Carbonera
Fotografia/DOP: Luca Coassin
Montaggio/Editor: Antonio Mendolia
Musica originale/Music: Thomas Balin
Suono/Sound: Thomas Balin, Antonio Mendolia
Produzione/Production company: SD Cinematografica -

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