Di padre in figlio


Genre Documentary
Director A.Bozzer
Screenwriter G.Penco
Production Company Videoest
Website Videoest.it

In Trieste it happened that only two families of architects through three generations and more than 100 years, different languages and flags, defined the face and the character of the city. Berlam family, with the founder Giovanni Andrea, his son Ruggero and his nephew Arduino. And Nordio family, with Enrico and his son Umberto. Their works: the Palazzo Gopcevich, the entrance of the Sandrinelli gallery under the hill of San Giusto and its staircase, the Synagogue, the headquarters of the Cassa di Risparmio, the one of the Commercial Bank, the Court, The Maritime Station, The University, and many others. With their work they designed a city, in a century of expansion and decline, wars, splits and rebirths, dramas and utopias. Their architectures still speak to us and are essential to reconstruct both the personal events of the two families of architects, and the history of the city and who lived it.

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Regia/Director: A.Bozzer
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: G.Penco
Fotografia/DOP: S.Svagelj
Montaggio/Editor: A.Bozzer, C.Scherlich
Suono/Sound: C. Scherlich
Produzione/Production company: Videoest
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