Diario (intimo) di una donna


Genre Fiction
Director D.Vicari
Screenwriters D.Vicari, A.Cedrola, N.Terranova
Production Company Rosamont

Rome, San Lorenzo in Lucina, in the heart of the capital, a few hundred meters from Piazza Venezia, Silvia is writing on a large notebook. On the top page is the date June 10, 1940. She is a beautiful 35-year-old woman, and her eyes betray an underlying melancholy, a sorrow. Ten years ago, she married Carlo, the man of her dreams, full of ideas and desire for life. Carlo is a writer, when she met him, he openly professed ideals of freedom, he was ironic about the now prevailing fascism and the ridiculous man who was Mussolini. She, reciprocated, loved him with all her heart. Now, many years later, she confesses to her diary that she despised Carlo, the father of her child. She watched him inexorably conform to power and, perhaps out of rebellion, perhaps out of desperation, she slowly began to desire to betray him. Very powerful and unmentionable desires that the diary preserves in detail. Driven by Carlo to become an instrument of his social ascent, Silvia imagines giving herself to all the men she meets, to Carlo’s friends and superiors as well as to strangers she meets on the street. Today, June 10, 1940, Italy has declared war on France, and planes from beyond the Alps fly ominously over the capital. In the general scramble that breaks out to reach the shelters, Carlo finds the diary, which he discovers is his hellish biography.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: D.Vicari
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: D.Vicari, A.Cedrola, N.Terranova
Fotografia/DOP: G.Gossi
Produzione/Production company: Rosamont
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