Genre Documentary
Director T.Turolo
Screenwriters  M.Fabbro, E.Maso, T.Turolo
Production company Red On Productions
Website Redonmovies.com

A man closes the van trunk in Rome and leaves, wondering if he’s driving in the right direction, for a little village immersed in a green laver surrounded by alpine peaks. Illegio inhabitants live in a quiet way. But Don Alessio and Don Angelo animate every year the community by organising a prestigious artistic project, worthy of a capital city: an exposition hosting pictures and sculptures coming from the main European museums, always dedicated to a different and fundamental theme concerning the human existence. The art reveals itself as the place for the soul experience, as a power able to retrain a land and as a chance to rediscover the sense of community. Such an ambitious project that requires a huge organisational effort, so both priests have gradually involved the entire community year after year. Denying the stereotype of the classic mountain man, every inhabitant ends up getting passionate about the project and giving his or her contribution according to his or her competences and capabilities. Some people give their help after their working day, even after dinner, some people concentrate on the village embellishment or on the hospitality. It is teamwork made of hammer and nails, but also of cards, phone calls, meetings, photography and study. So, the placid everyday life of the village becomes a new proactive energy, without losing, anyway, its authentic feature and naturally prone both to humour and mysticism. The human landscape and the past of Illegio animate the characters’ stories, always more engaged with the approach of the exposition. There are only a few days left before the exposition opening now. The man, who got out of the van, is carrying one of the exposition workarts

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


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Regia/Director: T.Turolo
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: M.Fabbro, E.Maso, T.Turolo
Fotografia/DOP: A.F.Annicchiarico
Montaggio/Editor: P.Petrucci
Suono/Sound: A.Petris, M.Cecotto, E.Locatelli
Musica originale/Original music: V.Zoccatelli
Produzione/Production company: Red On Productions
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