Genre Documentary
Director O.Reuschel
Screenwriter O.Reuschel
Production Company Pilgrim
Website Pilgrimfilm.it

Drajčići is a small village inhabited by a Bosnian minority in a semi-abandoned valley isolated from the rest of Kosovo. On the other hand, Kosovans are mainly an Albanian minority living in a territory that self-declared independence from Serbia. The local currency in Kosovo is the euro. However, Kosovan citizens cannot move freely within the EU. Kemal lives in Drajčići and is constantly looking for a decent job in order to support his family. He helps his father with his raspberry field, even though the price of berries dropped considerably and the earnings became insignificant. The only way out is to go to Sweden –where his sisters live– after going through the complex and tragicomic process of obtaining a visa. Kemal finds a good job there, but he feels bewildered. After three months he goes back to Drajčići: nothing has changed, his life will get back to its routine. The mountains –covered in dense woods and grazing land– fail to comfort Kemal, who feels trapped in that territory.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: O.Reuschel
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: O.Reuschel
Fotografia/DOP: D.Trani
Montaggio/Editor: L.Mearelli
Produzione/Production company: Pilgrim Film
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