Io vivo altrove!


Genre Fiction
Director G.Battiston
Screenwriters G.Battiston, Marco Pettenello
Production Company Rosamont, Staragara, Tucker Film, Minimum Fax Media

Two men united by a dream and the possibility of realising it. Too bad reality is hard to convince…
The two, an electronics expert and a librarian, share their misfit of isolation and misunderstanding of modern society.
In each other, they find a special comfort that encourages them to imagine visions of a possible future, worlds of sustainability and ecology a stone’s throw from the present. And it is from the enthusiasm of their encounter that the project of a biodynamic farm in Friuli is born. They can finally prove to themselves and the world that they are capable of building something. So they decide to pool all their possessions to realise their dream, which, however, turns out to be much more complex than their theoretical vision seemed. A spiral of mishaps and unforeseen mistakes will surprise them, vainly trying to discourage them. The encounter with the peasant world, the cruelties of nature and the countryside take them into a dimension straddling the sublime and the tragic, the comic and the moving. The winner, however, will be friendship.
A bitter comedy from which will emerge the sly smile of the French author softened by the foibles, frustrations and hopes of our 21st century.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


Regia/Director: G.Battiston
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: M.Pettenello, G.Battiston liberamente ispirato al romanzo “Bouvard e Pécuchet” di Gustave Flaubert
Fotografia/DOP: D.Cimatti
Montaggio/Editor: G.Trepiccione
Suono/Sound: G.Petillo,G.Costamagna
Musiche originali/Music: P.Catalano
Produzione/Production company: Rosamont, Staragara con Rai Cinema in collaborazione con MINIMUM FAX MEDIA e TUCKER FILM -

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