Genre Documentary
Director D.Minigutti
Screenwriter D.Minigutti
Production company Agherose

Feminis, that is cherchez la femme: it is a journey for searching a Friuli that has always been more a Motherland than a Fatherland. A universe of common and extraordinary women that are not afraid to expose themselves in order to make the difference. A simple but significate gallery of portraits, outlined by stories where their intimate side is overlapped to the social life. Short stories of lived lives that build pieces of stories and History: the creativity, the responsibility of an individual action that involves the community, the constancy of the action aimed at the project, the inheritance of what has been conquered. It is in this perspective that the most recent history of Friuli is investigated thanks to the testimony of those protagonists that, far from the official census, the chronicles and the spotlight, did not let History pass through them in vain but guided it, brought forth with courage and dignity.

Supported for the Distribution


Regia/Director: D.Minigutti
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: D.Minigutti
Fotografia/DOP: F. Snidero
Montaggio/Editor: Suono/Sound: H.Gergolet, A.Blasetig
Produzione/Production company: Agherose
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