Goli Otok


Italy/ 52’ / Colore

Genre Documentary
Director Ennio Guerrato
Screenwriter Ennio Guerrato
Production company Cassiopea

This project aims at commemorating, but above all documenting, through the collection of testimonies borne the memory of the political prosecution suffered by many Italians in the gulag created by Tito on the former Yugoslavian island of Goli Otok, a small, bare and rocky island swept by the Bora, was in fact transformed after WW2 in a concentration camp destined to host the opposers of Tito’s regime. In particular, after the rupture between Tito and Stalin in 1948, Goli Otok received many of the communists (Yugoslav and not) closer to Stalinist positions. Among these were many Italians, a great part of whom were workers from the factories of Monfalcone, namely anti-fascists who had actively participated in the Italian Resistance movement. The total number of political interns in Goli Otok exceeds 30.000 people, 4.000 of whom died because of the tortures suffered or through hunger and extreme weakness. The project therefore intends to fill a void in the historiography of the time caused by the scarcity of documents, testimonials and archive material available up to now. It intends to carry out an extensive recollection of direct testimonials borne by the last survivors to the persecution, a research for all possible existing visual material and an accurate historiographic reconstruction.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: Ennio Guerrato
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Fabio Parente, Ennio Guerrato
Fotografia/DOP: Paolo Babici
Musica originale/Music: Francesco Morosini
Suono/Sound: Francesco Morosini, Michele Sumberaz Sotte
Produzione/Production company: Cassiopea
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