Il dilemma dell’identità


Italy, Slovenia / 78’ /FullHD/2018

Genre Documentary
Director S.Morena
Screenwriter S.Morena
Production company Quasar

Five actresses and their director are working on a play where they show the lives of five women that lived during World War I. They scout the territory looking for traces they left so they can evoke on stage the emotions and feelings expressed in their diaries, correspondence and writings.The annexation of Trieste to the Kingdom of Italy and the first fascist actions change their fate: Pavla and Marica are forced to move to Ljubljana in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia because their schools are closed and they are persecuted by the fascist militia as Slovenians; Giuseppina, eighty-years-old at that time, goes back to Labin where she trying to escape the fascist violence, unsuccessfully, and soon dies; only Elody Oblath remains in Trieste to commemorate her friends dead during the war. Four destinies on which the wind of history blew, disrupting the life plans and forcing to hard choices. Four different women reflecting in each other, recreating thoughts and emotions of a time when balances were breaking and the world was changing.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


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Regia/Director: Sabrina Morena
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: S.Morena
Fotografia/DOP: Radovan Čok
Montaggio/Editor: Giorgio Milocco
Suono/Sound: H.Gergolet
Musica originale/Music: F.Morosini
Produzione/Production company: Quasar, Bela Film -

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