Il paziente irlandese


Genre Documentary
Director Giampaolo Penco
Screenwriter Giampaolo Penco
Production company Videoest
Sito Web

Few artists have been as affected by illness, both physical and mental, as James Joyce. There is a very close relationship between James Joyce and his many, often severe ailments, which influenced profoundly both the man and the artist. Syphilis (and its many consequences), the encounter with psychoanalysis and the mental disorder of his daughter Lucia provide the basis for the film’s narrative and research. The film will document little known areas of Joyce’s life, such has his experience as a medical student in Dublin and Paris, and psychiatry and mental illness in Ireland in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In reexamining Joyce’s life and work through the perspective of illness, the film will focus on three main areas: Joyce’s infection with syphilis in 1904 and the severe and debilitating disorders that derived from this infection, which plagued him throughout his life, psychoanalysis, which Joyce first encountered during his period in Trieste and the mental disorder of his daughter, Lucia.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: Giampaolo Penco
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Giampaolo Penco
Produzione/Production company: Videoest -

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