Genre Documentary
Director M.D’Agostini
Screenwriter M.D’Agostini
Production Company Agherose

Incanto is a journey of discovery through the historical researches and the original ideas of one of the main characters of Friulian cultural world in the last decades of XX Century: don Gilberto Pressacco. His work was a kaleidoscope of suggestions, a continuous game of cross references, from his studies in the musical fields and on the religious and popular dance to his compelling interpretation of Aquileia’s mosaics. With his research, he linked the threads that were dispersed through time and was able to connect I Century A.D. Aquileia with Alexandria, which was the main city in the Mediterranean area by that time. Thanks to the words of those who shared the studies with him, this journey leads to his interpretation of the start and the spreading of Christianity in Aquileia. Twenty years after his passing, the legacy of don Gilberto Pressacco has a huge cultural value and forwards the idea that Friuli as a border land has a great richness of history and art and is a crossroad of free culture and spirituality.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


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Regia/Director: M.D'Agostini
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: M.D'Agostini
Fotografia/DOP: D.Vrizzi, C.Cescutti
Montaggio/Editor: B.Leonetti
Musica originale/Music: G.Venier
Suono/Sound: E.Nardin
Produzione/Production company: Agherose -

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