La bolla delle acque matte


Genre Fiction
Director A. Di Francisca
Screenwriter A. Di Francisca, L.Fischetto
Production Company Incipit Film

An isolated little mountain village, shattered by a terrible earthquake… its rebirth prevented by the red tape of bureaucracy.
When reality is too hard to face, dreams are all that’s left. And Lorenzo’s dream is to open a restaurant whose intoxicating, mysterious and evocative flavours will transform a dismal present day into a brightly-coloured, multi-ethnic tomorrow.
As they struggle through conflict, prejudice and even opium plantations, Lorenzo and his cooks take us on a journey.
Assisted by a young Pakistani, an African firefighter-turned-gourmet spices up the traditional local dishes – and even manages to convince Elsa, the resident cook, to create Umbrian-Senegalese-Pakistani fusion recipes.
It’s a little revolution that will mark the beginning of a new era, where ingredients – like water – will flow together.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


Regia/Director: A. Di Francisca
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: A. Di Francisca, L.Fischetto
Produzione/Production company: Incipit Film -

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