Like a bullet around Europe


Italy, Slovenia / Colour / 52′

Genre Documentary
Director Mauro Tonini
Screenwriter Mauro Tonini
Production company Quasar, Casablanca

The story of Anton Ukmar is a breathless ride of a man that, victim of the brutality of his time, will compromise his desire for justice with violence. After the First World War many young people become attracted by the communist social justice ideal. Anton is one of them. Oppressed by the fascist repression against the Slovenians, Anton flees from his village in 1929 and goes through the bloodiest events that marked Europe in the first half of the XX Century. Drawn by his ride, we live again the journey of an every-day man thrown in the big events of his times and determined to contribute to them. We look at him through his daughter’s eyes. She knows only some anecdotes about him but she’s curious to know more. We reconstruct the most meaningful episodes of the Anton’s adventure through original animation made by mixing illustrations created ad hoc with archive pictures.This is a story about a man who discovers himself during the fight to change his own whole life.

Supported for the Development and Distribution


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Regia/Director: Mauro Tonini
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Mauro Tonini<
Produzione/Production company: Quasar, Casablanca -

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