L’immagine bendata


Genre Documentary
Director Rodolfo Bisatti
Screenwriter Rodolfo Bisatti, Maurizio Pasetti
Production company Kineofilm
Website kineofilm.it

The blindfold image it’s a research that tries to give rest to the eyes. Rest but at the same time sacrifice. First of all to who will make the research. The documentary wants to show, using the “dead eye” of the camera, a world that actually we can’t see. To guide us through this exploration are going to be persons who know how to move in the dark. Blindness, considered in its different meanings, will be the main character of the research.
From one point of view it’s considered as an “excessive vision”, privileged path to the truth, considering the classic figure of famous blind people that we can find in our history and our myths. On the other hand we’ll get closer to the “blind world” through “blindfold people”, Rittmeyer Institute’s operators who have to learn how to move in the dark in order to become supportive figures and intermediaries for blind people.
The documentary doesn’t want to find strict answers, risking to transform the blindfold image in a well presented image but just aims to help us posing questions, destabilizing our “omnivore and voracious” glance.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: R.Bisatti
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Rodolfo Bisatti, Maurizio Pasetti
Produzione/Production company: Kineofilm
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