Mais où est Leonor?


Italy / 32′ / Colour / DVD/ 2009

Genre Documentary
Director Giampaolo Penco
Production company Trieste Contemporanea, Videoest

Leonor Fini was born in Argentina, in Buenos Aires in 1908.
She arrives in Italy, in Trieste, as a child. Twenty years old she travels first to Milan and then Paris, the city destined to be the centre of her activities, where she became friends with leading exponents of Surrealism. Much of her work contains elements of surrealist and mixes elements always bizarre, dreamlike and typical expressions of the unconscious. Woman of great personality, sensuality and originality, Leonor Fini has made several exhibitions in Europe, America and Japan. Continues to produce until the end of his life, always managing to surprise, died in Paris on January 19, 1996. The film delves into her archive, and its immense legacy of memories, books and
documents, to retrace her life, her work, and try to recover as much as possible. Evoke so much history and culture means to travel through enticing images which are the artistic, social life of other times, rare historical documents, biographies of famous people that join Trieste to Europe.
It’s also a story of incredible longevity. We tell the youth of Leonor, through the voice of his peers, or centenarians or near centenarians, as Dorfles, Daisy Nathan (Nathan’s sister of the painter Arthur), his French friends, etc

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: Giampaolo Penco
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Corrado Premuda
Fotografia/DOP: Paolo Babici
Montaggio/Editor: Fulvio Burolo
Musica originale/Music: Francesco Morosini
Produzione: Trieste Contemporanea e Videoest -

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