Masters of dreams


Italy / 2×52′ / Colour/ 2012

Genre Documentario
Director Eric Ellena, Guillame De Ginestel
Screenwriter Eric Ellena, Olivier Roussille
Production company Quasar

Great jewellers live in a shrouded – and as such, incredibly fascinating – world: only a privileged few are allowed inside. And though the secret of this art remains well hidden, great jewelcrafters bring an exceptional savoir faire and their creations are often associated with great moments in history, such as coronations of kings and queens, great celebrations and so forth. This project aims to tell the stories of these great jewellery houses, of the men and women who founded them and made them thrive, of the designers and craftsmen who bring to life unique pieces – the perfect union of art and craft. These great families have passed down to the next generations their passion for creation, their aspiration to amaze, their taste for exellence. Such strength derives from their ability to incorporate the freshness of their younger generations into an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage of craftsmanship that comes from a long line of masters.

Supported for the Distribution


Regia/Director: Eric Ellena, Guillame De Ginestel
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Eric Ellena, Olivier Roussille
Fotografia/DOP: Michele Codarin
Montaggio/Editor: Giorgio Milocco
Produzione/Production company: Quasar -

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