Muse a muse


Genre Documentary
Directors D.Minigutti, S.Giacomuzzi
Screenwriters D.Minigutti, S.Giacomuzzi
Production Company Agherose

How to enhance the richness and multiplicity of artistic identities through the excellence, creative and intellectual, in contemporary Friuli?
A biographical documentary is the story of a personal history that intertwines with the history of a community, large or small. It is the reflection of the culture of an era, that of its protagonist.
We know how fleeting our memory is, that it tends to cover up gaps and shape the past in function of the present. Before memory dissolves everything, the biography fixes in time the story of its protagonist. Muse a Muse is a documentary series that touches the heart of Friulian artistic production straddling the old and new millennium in an unusual and not stereotypical journey with a group of artists over 65 who, with their thought and their works, have given voice to the linguistic and cultural identity of Friuli. Their lives, their works and their dreams speak to each of us and guide us in atmospheres where love for their land, the pleasure of doing and the beauty of art every viewer can recognize and appreciate. Five biographies to tell about our forthcoming past before it becomes remote.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


Regia/Director: D.Minigutti, S.Giacomuzzi
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: D.Minigutti, S.Giacomuzzi
Fotografia/DOP: D.Vrizzi, S.Giacomuzzi
Montaggio/Editor: S.Giacomuzzi
Suono/Suono: R.Rinaldi/E.Nardin
Musiche originali/Music: P.Forte
Produzione/Production company: Agherose -

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