Occhiacci di legno


Genre Documentary
Directors R. Giacconi
Screenwriter R. Giacconi, A. Morbio
Production Company Slingshot Films

Carlo Colla & Sons Puppetry Company is the largest and oldest puppetry company in Europe. It is an actual wooden population, comprising three thousands puppets, that inhabits the spaces of the Company’s Atelier in Milan. Each puppet has its own face, body and its own unique set of features.
Sometimes, one of them is chosen, dressed up and prepared to take the stage.
In the company’s archive there have been many Arlecchino, Cinderella, Pied Piper, Puss in Boots.
Each one, at least once, has been used in the company’s shows. However, among the three thousands puppets, there is no trace of the most famous puppet in the world: in their bicentennial career, Collas have never staged the story of Pinocchio.
As if it was a taboo that puppeteers cannot explain, Pinocchio has always been excluded from their repertoire. Franco Citterio, the company’s current artistic director, states: “Although we have animated the most disparate characters – goblins, aliens animals, monsters -, we have always avoided this short-circuit: what would happen if a puppet played the part of a puppet?”
This year, for the first time, Carlo Colla & Sons Puppetry Company is going to break this taboo by bringing Pinocchio on the stage. The film Wooden Eyes documents the organization of this adventure through the puppeteers’ daily work routine: the creation of costumes and scenography, the recording of voices and music, and the design of stage lighting. And, especially, the making of the puppet Pinocchio and its entry into the wooden population.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: R. Giacconi
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: R. Giacconi, A. Morbio
Fotografia/DOP: R. Giacconi
Montaggio/Editor: R. Giacconi
Musica originale/Music: A.Faravelli, M.Borghesi
Suono/Sound: A.Faravelli
Produzione/Production company: Slingshot Films
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