Oltre il filo


Italy, Slovenia, Croatia /82’/ Colour / 2010

Genre Documentary
Director Dorino Minigutti
Screenwriter Dorino Minigutti
Production company Immaginaria, Zavod Kinoatelje (SLO), Focus-Media (HR)

A forgotten history page of ‘900; a page of Italian concentration camps were inhabitants of whole villages of Slovenes and Croats were interned, thousands of them died of starvation.
The documentary tells the unpublished story of a group of survived children in one of those camps.
What does it mean for a child imprisonment, privation of freedom, water and food? What does it mean to be eyewitness to the death of hundreds of people including parents and relatives?
What traumas cohabit in their lives, the protagonists of a violated childhood? The documentary brings the children in to a journey of memory. The memories drawn and written by the interned children coming from the concentration camp in 1944. Fixed thoughts through time stranded after seventy years with today’s children. Like a mirror’s game we listen to the memories of Italian children who lived near the concentration camp. A frequent question often recurred to each other: what kind of sins do those children have to pay for?

Supported for the Development and Distribution


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Trailer "Oltre il filo" from vicino/lontano on Vimeo.


Regia/Director: Dorino Minigutti
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Dorino Minigutti
Fotografia/DOP: Bruno Beltramini
Montaggio/Editor: Sanjin Stanic
Musica originale/Music: Alexander Ipavec
Suono/Sound: Francesco Morosini
Produzione/Production company: Agherose
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