Genre Fiction
Director D.Vicari
Screenwriter D.Vicari, A.Cedrola
Production Company Rosamont, Tarantula Belgique
Website Rosamont.com

Orlando lives alone in a small mountain town in central Italy and has never wanted to emigrate, as so many have, and as his son who left 20 years ago to Brussels. A phone call from Belgium alerts him that his son needs his help, and Orlando is forced for the first time in his life to leave. When he arrives, he discovers he has a 12-year-old granddaughter, Lyse. Orlando and Lyse, like the past and the future, are as far apart as one can imagine, but they will unexpectedly discover that they need each other. Despite being as distant as rural life in a small inland village and metropolitan life in a large European city can be, they try to make it, to cope.
He is the symbol of a past that does not pass, and she is the “Greta Tumberg” generation, a new generation of Europeans who will have to build a new world whose connotations can be glimpsed but no one really knows what it might be.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


Regia/Director: D.Vicari
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: D.Vicari, A.Cedrola
Fotografia/DOP: G.Gossi
Montaggio/Editor: B.Atria
Musiche originali/Music: T.Teardo
Produzione/Production company: Rosamont, Tarantula Belgique
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