Piccolo corpo


Genre Fiction
Director L.Samani
Screenwriters M.Borromei, E.Dondi, L.Samani
Production Company Nefertiti Film, Tomsa Film (FRA), Vertigo (SLO)
Website Nefertitifilm.it

A small island in northeastern Italy, winter of early 1900. Young Agata’s baby is stillborn. In the Catholic tradition, an infant that has not taken the first breath cannot be baptized, and its soul is condemned to Limbo without a name and without peace. But Agata has heard about a place in the mountains up north where infants can be brought back to life for just that one breath necessary to baptize them. So, Agata secretly leaves the island and undertakes a dangerous voyage with nothing but hope to guide her, her daughter’s small body hidden in a box. She doesn’t know the way and she has never seen snow in her life. She meets Lynx, a wild, solitary boy who knows the territory and offers to help her in exchange for the mysterious contents of the box. Despite their mutual distrust, they set off on an adventure during which their courage and friendship will enable both to come close to a miracle that seems impossible.

Supported for the Development and the Distribution


Regia/Director: L.Samani
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: M.Borromei, E.Dondi, L.Samani
Fotografia/DOP: Mitja Ličen
Montaggio/Editor: Chiara Dainese
Suono/Sound: Luca Bertolin
Musiche originali/Music: Fredrika Stahl
Produzione/Production company: Nefertiti Film, Tomsa Film (FRA), Vertigo (SLO)
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