Saluti da Miran


Italy/ 54’ / Colour / 2014

Genre Documentary
Director G.Penco
Screenwriter G.Penco
Production companyVideoest

It was 1994. Twenty years have passed since the cameraman from Trieste Miran Hrovatin was killed in Mogadishu, together with the journalist Ilaria Alpi. They were filming the withdrawal of Italian troops from Somalia and were investigating illegal trafficking of weapons and toxic waste. The Videoest, the production company of Miran, his friends, his wife, his son, they decided to make a documentary, which is not only a memory but a piece of history, formed by the shootings of Miran from the 70s to the 90s , and the images of war reportage, largely unedited. The footage of the conflicts and atrocities that occurred in the breakup of Yugoslavia. A complaint of so much useless horror. A hard work not to forget the victims, injustices, tragedies, which was paid with the sacrifice of his own life.

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Regia/Director: G.Penco
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: G.Penco
Fotografia/DOP: Paolo Babici
Montaggio/Editor: Zarko Suk
Suono/Sound: Zarko Suk
Produzione/Production company: Videoest -

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