Trieste racconta Basaglia


Italy / 52’ / Colour /DigiBeta/ 2009

Genre Documentary
Director Erika Rossi
Screenwriter Erika Rossi
Production company Fantastificio srl

This documentary tries to trace the hard path made by Dr. Basaglia and his team, who transformed the psychiatric hospital into a real healthcare facility; it also shows how Dr. Basaglia gave back identity and dignity to the people. The documentary focuses on the period between 1971, when Basaglia arrived in Trieste, and 1979, when he left the town. During those eight years there was a controversial relationship between the venetian psychiatric and Trieste, a town which was considered a revolutionary place: Trieste was a foundry of the new vision of the world, supported by a courageous leader with an army of youth at his disposal. What happened in Trieste in those years? What did local think about Basaglia and his work? Who witnessed the exit of Marco Cavallo (a bronze statue of a horse, historical symbol of the revolution, used as a ram to knock down the fence of the hospital)? What do they remember about those faces and that enthusiasm?

Supported for the Development and Distribution


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Regia/Director : Erika Rossi
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: Erika Rossi
Fotografia/DOP: Joel Mrvcic, Giulio Kirchmayr, Giano Sironich
Montaggio/Editor: Benni Atria, Chiara Zilli
Società di produzione/Production company: Fantastificio srl -

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