Vida – a simple life


Genre Fiction
Director S.Zeilinger
Screenwriters S.Zeilinger,P.Cicuttini
Production Company Film

For almost 100 years, from the construction of the Suez Canal till the end of the Second World War, thousands of Slovenian women worked as wet nurses, cooks and housekeepers in Alexandria.
Fleeing poverty, caused by industrialization and First World War, they took the ship from Triest to wealthy Alexandria to get work and to support their starving families back in Slovenia.
When they returned home, they had changed. They had learned one or two more languages, they had lived in houses with electricity and running water, they were wearing modern clothes and hairstyles, and had seen other cultures. They had grown personally in many ways.

Supported for the Development


Regia/Director: S.Zeitlinger
Sceneggiatura/Screenwriter: S.Zeilinger, P.Cicuttini
Fotografia/DOP: P.Zeilinger
Montaggio/Editor: P.Zeitlinger, N.Huber
Suono/Sound: M.Borghesi
Musiche originali/Music: V.Donelly
Produzione/Production company: Film -

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