Registered office: via della Cattedrale 8TRIESTE

Hyphae is a firm founded in Trieste, Italy, in 2011 by Nicole Leghissa – documentary author and film-maker – and Paolo Atzori – visual artists and communication architect – with the goal of realizing projects of visual communication through a multi-disciplinary perspective, creating  cooperation and exchange among different professionals –  like writers, journalists, architects, programmers designers and film-makers.Since then Hyphae has realized many visual projects and documentary films on science, especially  in collaboration with the World Academy of Sciences and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. Nicole Leghissa and Paolo Atzori continue to develop and direct documentaries and digital scenography sets for television and theatre on other subjects then science, especially in collaboration with German production companies and  artistic European Foundations. Hyphae are long and thin cellules of fungi, permitting communication between the roots of very far trees, creating a Wood Wide Web.  Similar to hyphae, we want to connect diverse means of visual communication, faraway worlds, different people, distant knowledge, creating a widespread net of exchange which could be of great value for the creation of effective visual messages.

Supported projects
1964 – Il tempo sta cambiando
Il punto più buio della notte
La città delle donne
La scienza è sogno
Lettere a Lyian
Nuove alleanze
Revolutionary mind
Unwired – il mondo in casa

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